Delhi Day 1 and 2

Regardless of what people tell you - Delhi belly is real. My first full day in India was spent getting well acquainted with my new friend, the porcelain throne. 

Day two began bright and early to the wonderful sound of tuk tuk horns, barking dogs and large Indian families moving out of the hotel. After deciding to skip both the warm milk with cornflakes for breakfast and the cold shower, Jake and I set off out of the hotel into the craziness that is Delhi.

There is no great way to explain just how loud and busy the city of Delhi is, other than to see it for yourself. Once you exit the hotel you are met with tuk tuk drivers who are offering you rides to every possible location, little kids who want to shine your shoes (or feet if you were wearing flip flops like I was), and ladies with young children who want money to help feed their children. As you can imagine it is a lot all at once, and to be honest it can be quite overwhelming.

After saying "no" and "im all set, thank you though" roughly 50 times, Jake and myself were approached by a man in a tuk tuk. We both simultaneously looked at each other and thought "oh no, here we go again." However, this man seemed to just wanted to chat. He asked us where we were from, how we were liking India so far and said welcome to my country. That was it. Just as we were walking away we decided to ask him for a ride to Connaught Place, one of the largest and busiest commercial centers in New Delhi.

Our short journey from the hotel to the center of Connaught place was an entire experience on its own. I thought Boston was home to the worst and most aggressive drivers but driving in India is on a whole different level. I think the best was to describe it is organised chaos. There are street signs, lane lines and traffic lights; however all are rarely followed. Each driver / cyclist has a destination in mind and no one is going to get in their way of getting there as efficiently as possible - even if that means hitting a few cars on the way and even driving on the sidewalk to "avoid" traffic. 

I am really glad that we met RP, our friendly and honest rickshaw driver. He was genuine and kind. He asked us what we wanted to do and made many suggestions; however, left the decision making to Jake and I. He brought us to a delicious restaurant which was filled with locals - a complete hole in the wall, and a place we likely would never have experienced if it weren't for RP.   


Myself and RP

Myself and RP

All in all, Delhi day 2 was a majour success and I am excited to see what tomorrow brings.