Finishing up in Delhi and heading to Jaisalmer for a camel safari

I would say the most important thing that happened to me in Delhi was getting lost. Jake and I were trying to find our way to a restaurant for a nice lunch and ended up in a crowded local market. We had been to many markets beforehand; however, there was a different vibe about this one. The people were poorer - manyappeared to be living right on the side of the street.

I knew the socioeconomic divide was massive in India. I just didn't know it was quite like this.

We had found ourselves in an extremely poor neighborhood.

There were beggars asking for money and food. Children running around pulling at your shirt. It was something I was not used to and to be honest left me completely rattled. That being said, it was a completely necessary thing for me to see. I could not leave India without seeing how a huge percentage of its citizens live.

The next day, Friday January 21st we met yup with our tour group to begin our 22 day adventure around Northern India. Our first day we packed up our things and made our way towards the sleeper train where we would be spending the next 19 hours. 

Jake and I both occupying the top bunks (ignore my big toe).

Jake and I both occupying the top bunks (ignore my big toe).

About 13 hours into our journey, at around 5 AM, we were woken up by our guide to news that our train would not be making the rest of the journey to the city of Jaisalmer due to a track malfunction. I had heard the trains in India weren't the most reliable; however, was not expecting anything to go wrong with ours.

Thankfully, we were able to hire a private bus that would take us the rest of the way to our final destination (a 5 to 6 hour journey).

As if things could not get worse, halfway through our drive, our bus got a flat tire. Yeah.....everything was against us getting to Jaisalmer in time for our camel safari in the Thar desert.

In short, we eventually made it with enough time to watch the sunset on our camels as we made our way into the heart of the Thar desert where we would be spending the night. More on that coming tomorrow.