Sorry for not writing in awhile. I was having so much fun in India with the people that I met, I didn't want to use up free time. Anyways, left India Feb 10, and flew to London. I am not one to get overwhelmed by much; however, that being said, the transition from India to London was huge. The second I got off the plane I saw more white people than I had seen all month. The food was overwhelming with so many options and combinations. Lastly the cost of everything. I was living off a very small amount of money in India and in London that sum could barely cover a single meal.  

London was fun overall. Finally got to eat beef! Got to see my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin for a nice meal. And got to see dark and depressing London winter in all its glory (sorry dad). 

Currently it is 16:41 on Valentines day and am sitting in my hostel in what is arguably the most romantic city in the world - Paris.  

Off to see the Eiffel tower and get my fix on cheese, baguette, and some red wine.  

Hope you all have a great Valentines Day.