Back in London

Currently in London again visiting my family. Met up with Jake again. Today, 23/02/17 we were booked to go up to Chester to see my Grandmother; however, storm Dorris got the best of the UK.


Amsterdam was amazing - spent my time relaxing in coffee shops (sorry mum), going to art museums and eating delicious food. After a lot of thought I have decided to leave Europe. I wasn't feeling it 100% and am eager to get to warm weather - figured Europe is a place that is best to come to when you have a lot of money (which I do not).

After talking to a few friends in Australia, I have decided to head to Vietnam. I'm really excited to get away from ultimate western society and make my way towards South East Asia. Plan is to fly into Ho Chi Minh and over the course of a month, by motorcycle, ride along the coast heading north towards Hanoi.

If anyone has any recommendations or "must dos" in Vietnam comment below! Thanks for all the support.