Thailand -> Vietnam

It's been real Thailand - you've treated me well. shown me what paradise is like for the past two weeks.

Spent the past week in Krabi (costal town on West of Thailand) and Phuket. Best way I have to describe Phuket is a bunch of old, beer bellied Russian men with girls that are much much younger than them. Interesting for sure. It was definitely the most developed out of the four I visited. Not a bad thing; however, I would suggest spending more time on the eastern islands if you're heading to Thailand. More relaxed and less built up. Just my opinion though - to each his own.

Tomorrow I fly out at 6 AM to Hanoi, Vietnam. After a few days of preparation will start the epic cross country road trip (N to S). The plan is to attempt what the Americans were unable to do in the war, only backwards. Wish us luck.

Check out my Instagram for a short video made up of some clips from the trip so far. My plan is to have a longer one, which I will upload to YouTube at the end of the trip.

Speaking of the end - after roughly 37 days in Vietnam we will be heading to the land down under to see the Smith Aussie family and two friends from India. Should be a good time.