Hanoi to Ninh Binh, leg one

Leg one was a success. We knew there would be issues with the bikes; however, we did not expect that 9km into our journey out of Hanoi my friends chain would snap.  

We were on the side of the highway making our way to the Ho Chi Minh Trail when we had to pull over. We tried to call the mechanic but they did not pick up so our other friend had to ride back into Hanoi, back to the hostel to get in touch with the shop. After waiting 1.5 hours they showed up on the side of the highway and did the repair right there for us. 

After that we were on our way! We had roughly a 4 hour journey ahead of us. It is absolutely beautiful riding in the countryside. Rice party fields, small villages, cows and water buffalo are just some of the things you see while riding. 

Overall pretty good success with the bikes. Have really gotten the hang of it. Only issue is my bike doesn't like second gear very much, so will take to a mechanic to get that fixed.  

Next stop is Phong Nha.