Being home

I know I haven't written since we departed for Australia and I do apologise..... To be honest was having so much fun in Australia and trying to really take in our last destination.  

Australia was easily tied 2nd with Vietnam for my favourite country - with India being first. We stayed with two girls we met in India (Shanon and Jenna) in their apartment in Leichardt. We then rented a rundown 1999 Toyota van-turned-camper for a week and ventured North from Sydney (NSW) to the Gold Coast (Queensland). Along the way we hit a few National Parks, with our favourite being Border Ranges. We saw some crazy stars. And discovered pine orange and goon. Here's a picture of the stars - not the highest quality but took me awhile to get shutter speed right. 

Brightness all the way up is best.  

Brightness all the way up is best.  

We were lucky enough to stay a night at J/S childhood home on the Gold Coast and then go to Curumbin Wildlife Sanctuary the next day where we got to pet and feed kangaroos and see an awesome bird presentation. Our first van ended up breaking down in the parking lot of Curumbin so Jake and I set up camp for the night. The next morning we got towed and were given a <15,000km 2016 Toyota van (which had a much improved sound system). We then stopped at Byron Bay for roughly 1.5 hours and then hit the road for 13 hours to make it back in the morning to drop the car off. 


After the road trip we stayed with my Uncle, Aunt and cousins. It was really kind of them to taken us in and feed us; if you're reading this Rog, Lisa, Ol [happy birthday mate], Lottie, Bel or Rem then from Jake and I, thank you so much for letting us crash and eat and drink. 


My birthday was a fun day. Jake took the wheel for the day (we rented a car) and we went to Sydney Fish Market and ate some delicious seafood paired with some good wine. My uncle brought me to see Liverpool play a friendly against Sydney FC. Even though i'm a United fan, it was an awesome time and pretty special to see Steven Gerrard play live. We did part of the Bondi to Bronti walk. 


We did a lot more, but you'll see a lot of that in the video I am putting together of the trip. Australia was amazing and I want to thank Shan, Jen, and my family for making it such a special place. 


Missed my last flight. I thought my flight departed SYD at 10 PM but it was 10 AM. $1000 later I got a flight the next day. I made it home in one piece after a 6 hour delay in LA. 

Its really weird for me to be home. I've written many versions of this blog post, but i'm having a really hard time explaining how it is to be home. I got pretty depressed when I got home. I think it had to do with the fact that not everyday was a new discoverery or adventure. I love home, and always will. It's just been a much harder transition than I had anticipated. 

Video coming super soon....Thank you to everyone who stayed up to date with my blog throughout my travels.